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Purdue Falls to Iowa 49-35

NCAA Football: Iowa at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yet another chance to string together two wins in a row and yet another failure. I can almost hear Coach Hazell at his press conference. “Well we outscored them in the second half 28-14 so you can see we are improving.” “We’ll have to look at the tape to see what went wrong with the run defense but we’ll get that corrected and be back next week.” “I was really impressed that the guys didn’t quit.” I’m tired of it. I can’t even listen to this anymore. We know exactly who Purdue is under Hazell and we know what they are going to do each week. It’s hard to stomach.

Purdue failed to stop the run yet again giving up 365 yards to an Iowa team that was averaging 149. I’m not sure if giving up double the yardage a team averages is good or not but I’m sure we can check the tape and get it all figured out. Time for some quick hits.

  • I know people are going to be excited for Blough’s performance today since he threw for 458 yards but he was also not very accurate. He finished the game 30-60 with plenty of overthrows, under throws, and just plain bad throws. He threw 5 TD passes which everyone will remember but he still isn’t playing like we need him to.
  • Purdue gave up runs of 75, 67, and 45 yards to three different running backs. It didn’t matter who was carrying the ball for Iowa they were going to be able to get through and into the second level.
  • Iowa scored 21 points in the first quarter. The game was basically over at this point.
  • Purdue took a timeout with the ball and two seconds left in the half. Instead of going for the Hail Mary once back from the timeout they simply took a knee. Mind boggling.
  • Purdue still has not won back to back games under Hazell. Four years in. FOUR. YEARS. IN.
  • Purdue took a kickoff at the one, backed into the endzone and then took a knee. The refs said the ball wasn’t in the endzone so Purdue didn’t take a self-inflicted safety but man it was close. So Purdue got the ball at the .5 yard line. Not the most heads up play I’ve ever seen.

My only positive is that I didn’t have to watch commercials since I was playing catchup. Travis and Juan were not so lucky as they were at the game. See what they had to say below and look for much more to come.

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