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Iowa at Purdue: H&R Staff Picks

Last year’s game was nearly played in a blizzard. Now it is time for OMHR to come to West Lafayette.

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Lest no one think the embers of our hate of all things Iowa have died, Purdue can win its most important rivalry game tomorrow. On paper this looks like another great chance to get back-to-back wins. Unfortunately, we are Purdue fans. We are expecting the worst.

Here are your updated standings after we all lost by picking Illinois last week:

Juan: 4-1

Casey: 3-2

Rob: 3-2

T-Mill: 2-3

The Legend: 2-3

Jumboheroes: 2-3

Kyle: 2-3

Andrew Holmes: 2-3

Jack: 2-3

Casey Bartley

Have you ever gone to a movie that you knew was going to be awful? And not awful in like an entertaining way, but in a 'I can't believe I spent that much money to see this.' Well, that's gonna be Ross-ade, only it probably cost you less to get in there than the theater. Iowa 48, Purdue 13

Kyle Holderfield

Last week we played a bad Illinois team, this week, while Iowa isn't as good as last year, they will do what they want to on the ground. Expect to give up a ton of rushing yards. Iowa 38, Purdue 17

Andrew Holmes

I have two reasons for this prediction. First, Iowa has won both of their Big Ten road games by the score of 14 to 7. Second, I don't completely believe in our team yet, and last week I went against my natural homerism, predicted we'd lose, and yet we won. Therefore, I have hope it might happen again. Iowa 14, Purdue 7

Juan Crespo

Iowa now has a weird history of winning B1G road games by 14-7 this season. Maybe that continues? But maybe not. Not going to get my hopes up after a win because Illinois is probably bad, and a 3-2 record was realistic at this point. I think we might be lucky to see Purdue get another win the rest of this season with Wisconsin and Nebraska on the schedule, Northwestern rebounding, and TSIB being the best team in the state *drinks*. I wouldn't be surprised if Iowa runs all over Purdue, but if that happens, I hope Travis can sneak me back into Morgantown/Burkeville for some drinks. Iowa 21, Purdue 7

Rob St. Claire

Watching last week’s game at Illinois, it was kind of hard for me to root for Purdue to win, since any win creates uncertainty in Hazell’s firing. It was weird to be somewhat frustrated that Purdue won a game, probably because that particular game was such absolute garbage. A win this week on Homecoming day would be fun, but similarly frustrating. It’s easy to think that we have no chance, since Iowa doesn’t completely suck like us and Illinois do, but there exists a world where Purdue beats Iowa this weekend. Unfortunately (fortunately? I don’t even know any more), this might be that world. Purdue 31, Iowa 28

Andrew Ledman

To say Iowa has struggled in B1G play would be an understatement. They lost to Northwestern and averaged just 14 points in their two wins against Rutgers and Minnesota. Ohio State and Michigan they are not. Does that give me any hope for tomorrow's game? A glimmer. Another glimmer of hope comes from the fact that Purdue actually showed what a competent offense can look like despite a troublesome offensive line. Taking a bit of a sheen off that glimmer is the fact that Purdue was playing an absolutely abysmal Illinois team when they did that.

May I also remind you that in year 4 of the Hazell experiment Purdue has yet to win back to back football games. I don't think they start tomorrow unfortunately. Purdue gets embarrassed by Iowa. I just haven't seen enough from this team to believe they can put together games back to back that don't have me screaming at the TV. Iowa 44, Purdue 10

Jack Walker

Purdue has 3 wins against 3 bad teams. Iowa is a mediocre team this season, but they are still better than the teams we have beaten so far. Purdue has a better passing attack, but watch out for superstar Desmond King. Iowa will probably rack up the rushing yards, even with a weak passing attack. Yes it was great to see the win at Illinois. But the Fighting Illini lost most of their fight and handed the Boilers the game on a platter. Our offense did show up which was encouraging. Still, there is a lot more to prove, especially in run defense. The injuries are taking their toll, with the Young injury devastating to our passing game, and both Jones and Lankford-Johnson at less than 100%. We hang with Iowa, but they pull out a rather low scoring affair. Iowa 21, Purdue 17

Drew Schneider

I'm going Purdue 27 Iowa 21 because I'm a hopeless romantic.


Once again, we’re at a “prove it” game for Darrell Hazell. How many of these has he failed already? Twice this year Purdue has had a chance to follow up a victory with another win by playing a mediocre or struggling team. Twice it has been blown out. Last season Purdue had Illinois and Virginia Tech, who went a combined 11-13 in the regular season, after wins. Purdue was blown out in both. Now it gets Iowa, the owner of two 14-7 conference wins, but loser to Northwestern and an FCS team. If there are any bowl hopes for this Boilermaker squad it has to win this game on homecoming. It has to show that there is real progress. Unfortunately, we have seen Hazell coached teams blow these chances time and again. I can’t pick them in a game like this until they show me it is possible. I am expecting a comfortable Iowa win. Prove me wrong, boys. Make me believe again. Iowa 38, Purdue 14