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Purdue lost. So why is it YOUR fault?

Nah, forget the poor 2nd half performance that the team and coaches were responsible for. YOU did something differently before or during the game that gave the team bad luck. So tell us what it was.

Maybe these guys taking a selfie gave Purdue bad luck.
Maybe these guys taking a selfie gave Purdue bad luck.
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Any avid sports fan has some sort of personal superstition/ritual they have/do regarding their favorite teams, whether it's wearing a certain type of gear during the game, always sitting in the same seat at home or in the stadium, drinking the same type of beer, listening to certain music, etc.

So with Purdue earning 13 wins so far this season, but dropping their 2nd loss last night, we have to wonder if we did something different leading up to the game? I know some of you are thinking "how am I responsible for Purdue's poor 2nd half performance against Iowa?" but we all know that you did something differently that gave Purdue bad luck, and we want to know what you did.

I got this idea after the College Football subreddit (/r/cfb) started a weekly thread after the Michigan/Michigan State game (*cries*), and I think it would be a fun thing to do here as we deal with the loss. To get things started, I'm going to list things I did, along with a few members of our staff, differently leading up to the game that might have brought Purdue bad luck yesterday.

Juan: I shaved for New Years, just a few days before the game. The last time I shaved was just a few days before the Butler game. I also sat on the north side of Mackey with my girlfriend for the game, and the last time I sat with her on the north side of Mackey for a men's game was against Ohio State in the 2013-14 season, which also featured a 2nd half collapse.

Travis: "I listened to old school 90s rap. Ice Cube's "It was a good day" driving to Butler and 2pac's "Hit em' up" driving to [the Iowa game]." Editor's note: For these games, it was also the only time he tweeted that he was listening to these songs. He didn't do this for the other games, where Purdue won:

Jumbo Heroes: "I wore a new tshirt and didn't wear my hat, watch, and wristband. It is my fault."

So as you can see, we are just as guilty as you are. So tell us what you did wrong, we are a forgiving bunch.