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Kendall Stephens to Miss Second Straight Game

Coach Painter confirms the junior guard will not travel to Minnesota.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For the second straight game Purdue will be without junior shooting guard Kendall Stephens:

Stephens continues to deal with the after effects of losing one of his closest friends, and asked to not travel to Iowa on Sunday. It looks like he is continuing to deal with it and he will not be in Minneapolis when Purdue faces Minnesota on Wednesday night.

Stephens recently saw his minutes drop off, a he played a season low five minutes against Ohio State and just nine minutes in the win over Penn State. he is Purdue's leading three-point shooter with 37 made threes in 115 attempts. Coach Painter has gone on record as saying he does not know when, or if, Stephens will return this season.

Naturally, we're all thinking of Kendall here. By all accounts he is a great kid and this has to be a tough burden for him. We're pulling for you, Kendall. Get your head in the right place, as that is much more important than basketball.

Dakota Mathias and Ryan Cline will play more minutes in his absence.