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Rick Mount Comes Home To Mackey Arena

The Legend himself is welcomed home after decades away.

Forget all the acrimony between Rick Mount and Purdue. All was forgiven this afternoon when Mount came out of the Mackey Arena tunnel and took his seat courtside in the fancy JPC leather seats in section 12. He was noticeably slower than in his playing days, but as I looked around he was welcomed with an ovation and waved to the crowd that included more than one old Lebanon High School letter jacket. It was the perfect entrance for the man that has been estranged from Purdue for some time. It was understated and muted, but respectful for a man that is a living legend not only for Purdue basketball, but college basketball in general.

I was able to get a few pictures and hope to add some more here later, but Purdue is going all out.T he team came out in retro warmups with "10" on the back. The Number 10 is up in lights on the ceiling instead of the usual motion P. And, of course, there are the bobble heads.