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Purdue Women Regain Barnburner 63-53 Over Indiana

Don't look now, but the Purdue women are 4-0 and atop the Big Ten.

T-Mill is moonlighting here on the women's basketball beat. Jack was unable to watch and Rachel was off campus today. My son also wanted to see Purdue play so we took him up to see the women's team. While I have followed them when they have been on TV, today was the first game I have been too since probably 2001. I honestly can't remember, but it has been awhile.

The ladies looked pretty good too as they moved to 4-0 in the Big Ten. They weren't quite as sharp as they were earlier in the week in the win over Northwestern on the road, but they were consistently in front by about 10 for most of the second half. Purdue dominated in the paint with 38 of their 63 points coming down low.

Ashley Morrissette just missed a triple double with 12 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. She helped facilitate a big day from Andreona Keys, who had 10 points and 11 rebounds. Bridget Perry had 15 points and April Wilson had 14. The win was also the 207th at Purdue for Sharon Versyp, which gives her the most in program history from a head coach.

It was a bit disconcerting that Purdue did not shoot very well. They were only 40% from the field and didn't showcase much from outside with only six three point attempts. The defense was even better, however, as they harassed IU into 20 of 57 shooting and kept Indiana to 2 of 17 from long range. A 42-31 edge on the boards was big too.

Overall, it was kind of a dull game. It felt like Purdue took a big lead and just toyed with the Hoosiers. Any time Indiana got close Purdue was able to get a big basket and keep the lead above 8. Strangely, Indiana didn't even play with any kind of urgency down 10 in the final two minutes. It was almost like they were resigned t the loss and wanted to keep it around 10 points.

Purdue has a tough week this week with Minnesota coming to Mackey Arena before it goes to fellow first place team Ohio State next Sunday. The Buckeyes and Maryland are the favorites in the Big Ten, but four games in Purdue is right there. It is not blowing teams out, but it is winning, and that is what matters most.