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Purdue gets upset 84-70

Purdue loses their second conference game on the road in Champaign.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Let's make this quick.

Illinois beats Purdue at home, 84-70.

The Boilers, 20th ranked in the nation, went into Champaigne hoping to build on their 14-2 start to the season and collect their third Big Ten win of the year. Instead, they came out sluggish and lacking the intensity you need to win on the road in the Big Ten. The Fighting Illini have struggled all year to an 8-8 record, but move a game over .500 upsetting the Purdue Boilermakers for their first conference win of the season.

Despite going into the halftime tied 37-37, the Boilers allowed Illinois to shoot 5 of 10 from the three point line, and 50% from the field as a whole. Illinois shot 8 free throws compared to just 2 for Purdue, and it didn't get much better in the second half.

For the first time in 37 games, the Boilers allowed their opponent to shoot over 50% for the game. The Fighting Illini ended the game making 9 of 17 from three, and 26 of 48 overall. The Boilers shot 45% from the field, and connected on just 7 of 22 three point attempts.

The Boilers didn't do much well, but still might have made a game of it if it weren't for turnovers. The Boilermakers had 9 different players commit a turnover leading to a staggering 16 turnovers. Illinois turned the ball over 10 times, but made up for it by getting to the line. They attempted 28 free throws compared to just 11 for Purdue.

Kendrick Nunn and Malcom Hill lead the Illini attack, Nunn scored 22 and Hill had a game high 30 points. Jalen Coleman-Lands was the only other Illini player to score in double digits. Khalid Lewis and Aaron Jordan both went 0 for 2 on the game, but besides them, everyone else on the Illini team shot at least 50% from the field.

For Purdue, true freshman Caleb Swanigan continued his season trend of scoring and turning the ball over. He had 12 points, knocking down 2 three pointers, and turned the ball over 5 times. Senior Rapheal Davis fouled out of the game late in the second half, and missed all 3 of his shots while struggling to shut down Illinois's guards.

Vince Edwards spent most the second half on the bench, getting into early foul trouble and staying in foul trouble for the rest of the game. P. J. Thompson also had 12 points, knocked down 2 three pointers, and was the only Boilermaker to not commit a turnover.

The Boilers blocked only one shot the entire game, a third of A. J. Hammons' average on his own throughout his career. This was a bad game by the Boilers from the top to the bottom. Unsurprisingly, turnovers let this team down again. Surprisingly, the Boilers defense was not up to the task of even making this a game. The Boilers did hold a small edge on the boards, 31-25, but alas, too little, too late.

The sky might not be falling, but it's definitely raining outside.