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z2016 Purdue Football Season(Archived)

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jason King

The long-time offensive guard has his NFL future decided this weekend.

Purdue Football: T.J. McCollum Transfers In

Coach Brohm is grabbing a 5th year transfer from WKU.

Purdue Wins College Football’s (Transitive) National Championship!

“How Can ‘bama trust Saban when he is on a three-game losing streak to Purdue, PAAAAAWWWWWLLLLLL?”

2017 Purdue Football Recruiting: Quarterback Thoughts

The Legend has thoughts at the end of the year here on the Purdue’s quarterbacks and you’re gonna hear them.

Burke’s Legacy: Purdue Football Attendance Drops Again

Purdue suffers an 8% drop in attendance in 2016.

Purdue Football Coaching Search: What Needs Fixing?

The cupboard looks bare, but Purdue’s next coach at least has a few pieces to build around.

The Whistlestop Tour: Rivalry Week Wrap-up

Trophies were handed out and bragging rights were secured.

Featured Fanshot

Vote Gelen Robinson for the Piesman!

The junior defensive end's pick six in the season opener has him up for a national award you can vote on!

Purdue at Indiana: In Tweets

We lost the Bucket, but had some fun on Twitter.

Indiana 26, Purdue 24: Closing the Book on the Hazell/Burke Error

May today be day 1 of the Purdue football rebuild.

Purdue at Indiana: How to Watch and GameThread

None of the staff is in Bloomington, so it is not our fault.

Purdue at Indiana: H&R Staff Picks

Please, let’s have the Bucket back safe in West Lafayette in 24 hours.

Big Ten Football Rivalry Week Preview

Buckets, axes, hats, and more are up for grabs this week.

Interviews with the Enemy: A Q&A with Crimson Quarry

It’s Bucket week, so we get a visit from Crimson Quarry.

Purdue at Indiana Preview

Indiana tries to match a streak it made 69 years ago.

Purdue at Indiana: Depth Charts!

DeAngelo Yancey can leave Purdue as one of its 10 best receivers in several categories.

Purdue at Indiana Game Day Vitals

It's time to kick the Bucket on this season.

This stream has:

Purdue (3-8, 1-7) at Indiana (5-6, 3-5)Game Center

Indiana has won three straight against Purdue for the first time in almost 70 years.

The Whistlestop Tour: Week 12 of Big Ten Football

Shutouts and blowouts galore!

H&R Podcast #20: Football Season Ending, Coaching Search, and Cancun Challenge Preview

Wisconsin at Purdue: In Tweets

As we expected, Wisconsin crushed Purdue, so even In Tweets was boring.

Wisconsin 49, Purdue 20: As Expected

It is not a huge surprise that Wisconsin blew out Purdue.

Wisconsin at Purdue: How to Watch and GameThread

Let's just get this over with.

Wisconsin at Purdue: H&R Staff Picks

Hint: They aren’t favorable

Big Ten Football Preview: Week 12

Wisconsin-Purdue and Penn State-Rutgers look to be unmerciful blowouts

Interviews with the Enemy: A Q&A with B5Q

We sit down with the editor of Bucky’s 5th Quarter to preview Saturday’s game.

Thank You, Football Seniors

Saturday is the final game for 18 Purdue football seniors.

Wisconsin at Purdue: Depth Charts

Purdue may be developing some actual depth up front.

#7 Wisconsin at Purdue Game Day Info

We interrupt our basketball coverage to bring you football...and puppies.

This stream has:

Wisconsin (8-2, 5-2) at Purdue (3-7, 1-6)

This is going to be bad...

The Whistlestop Tour: Week 11 of Big Ten Football

Don’t worry kids, it’s almost over.

Northwestern 45, Purdue 17: In Tweets

Don't worry, only two more of these left.


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