Ode to FALL!

Like the gradual rebirth of flowers in the SPRING and glorious transition of leaves in the FALL, we have come to savor TMill's annual pigskin themed day-down-counter to meter the slow but steady depletion of the precious commodity we call SUMMER. Thank you TMill - another series well done.

Though we say goodbye to our beloved SUMMER, with its beach days and bikinis, we are rewarded with the grandest of all seasons - FALL

Why is FALL held in such high esteem, you ask? Well allow me to enumerate a few of the season's many virtues:

- Football - FALL's hot daughter from a long ago New Years Eve hookup with SPRING (don't believe me? Do the calendar math!)
- College Game Day - the background music of Saturday mornings. Point and laugh at Corso - yet another IU buffoon.
- MLB Playoffs - the best part of the endless baseball season
- Golf - perfect time of year to play due to climate and course conditions - until your ball hides under a leaf on the fairway.

- Mild days in the sun with a cold beer / Crisp nights around a fire with a glass of scotch
- No longer have to cut the grass / Don't yet have to shovel snow
- Sunshine no longer wakes you at 6 in the morning / Enough light for 9 holes after work

- Kids are back on campus / New crop of coeds needing 'orientation' (young guy version)
- Kids are back in school / New crop of hot young schoolteachers (old guy version)

Lastly, as FALL transitions to WINTER it bestows one final gift - Basketball!

I offer this meager list based on my own experiences and preferences. Everyone, of course, has their own point of view. Thus, I call on the noble and learned readership of H&R to offer their own contributions below. Based on your past performance, I know I won't be disappointed by the range, quality and creativity of your observations.

Boiler UP! Purdue Football is Undefeated!!

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