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Big Ten Power Rankings

The Rank of Power in the Big Ten.

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Big Ten Power Rankings

1. (1st in East) Ohio State (3-0)

Beat NIU 20-13 (NIU 2-1).  They definitely did not look like the number 1 team in the country.  Then again they won and that’s all that matters. Cardale Jones played like a 3rd string QB, I mean 2nd string.

Last Week: 1

Next Up: Western Michigan

2. (2nd in East) Michigan State (3-0)

Beat AFA 35-21 (AFA 2-1).  MSU looks really good.  Could very soon challenge OSU for the number 1 spot.

Last Week: 2

Next Up: Central Michigan

3. (1st in West) Northwestern (3-0)

Beat Duke 19-10 (Duke 2-1).   Surprising a lot of people including myself.

Last Week: 4

Next Up: Ball State

4. (2nd in West) Wisconsin (2-1)

Beat Troy 28-3 (Troy 1-2).  This is the unusual stat for Wisconsin.  Joel Stave is averaging almost 30 passes a game at a 67% completion percentage and a passer rating of 150.9.  Top rusher Dare Ogunbowale is averaging 11 carries 65 yards a game.

Last Week: 3

Next Up: Hawaii

5. (3rd in East) Michigan (2-1)

Beat UNLV 28-7 (UNLV 0-3).  This week will be a good test to see how much this team has improved.  So far they seem to be getting better each week but hard to tell playing UNLV.

Last Week: 5

Next Up: BYU

6. (3rd in West) Iowa (3-0)

Beat Pitt 27-24 (Pitt 2-1).  Is this team good enough to challenge Wisconsin or Northwestern for the West?

Last Week: 7

Next Up: North Texas

7. (4th in East) Maryland (2-1)

Beat USF 35-17 (USF 1-2).  Maryland finally showed some offense HoustonBoiler.  Starting Caleb Rowe over Perry Hills looks like a smart move this week.

Last Week: 9

Next Up: West Virginia

8. (4th in West) Minnesota (2-1)

Beat Kent 10-7 (Kent 1-2).  Again I bring up what I said last week.  "This is a weird team.  You lose to the #3 team in the nation by 6pts, then it takes overtime to beat Colorado State."  They beat Kent by 3pts.  Illinois beat Kent 52-3. And Colorado State lost to a Colorado team that was 2-10 last year.  We (Purdue) were 3-9 last year.

Last Week: 8

Next Up: Ohio

9. (5th in West) Nebraska (1-2)

Lost to MIA 36-33 (MIA 3-0). Talk about an awful way to start the season.  Combined 8 points total in the two loses.

Last Week: 6

Next Up: Southern Miss

10. (5th in East) Penn State (2-1)

Beat Rutgers 28-3 (Rutgers 1-2).  They beat Rutgers…no one cares.  I think Purdue can beat Rutgers.

Last Week: 11

Next Up: San Diego State

11. (6th in East) Indiana (3-0)

Beat WKU 38-35 (2-1).  All this talk about College Game Day is stupid.  Just listen to your coach.  3 wins by a total of 18 points.  14 of those points are from one of the wins.  But then again they are 3-0.  And I still don’t think they will make a bowl.

Last Week: 12

Next Up: Wake Forest

12. (6th in West) Illinois (2-1)

Lost to UNC 48-14 (UNC 2-1).  They are who we thought they were.  This could be our Big Ten win….again.

Last Week: 10

Next Up: Middle Tennessee

13. (7th in East) Rutgers (1-2)

Lost to Penn State 28-3 (Penn State 2-1).   Really you could rotate 13 and 14 each week.  I wish Purdue played them.  Then we could maybe get 2 or 3 Big Ten wins.

Last Week: 14

Next Up: Kansas

14. (7th in West) Purdue (1-2)

Lost to VT 51-24 (VT 2-1).  I don’t have much to say about this game.  It was emotionally draining.  Hey now we try another QB.  Just to give us a little more hope.  Don’t quote me on this but I believe in the 14 years John Shoop has been an OC or OBs coach only 4 years he was on a team that played one QB.  And that QB was T.J. Yates.  Kind of weird but we will save that for another time.

Last Week: 13

Next Up: Bowling Green