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Virginia Tech at Purdue: GameThread and How to Watch

Is this Darrell Hazell's Last Stand?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned in yesterday's preview, this really is a critical game for the Boilers. Purdue is not going to get better under Darrell Hazell unless it can beat at least the teams of Virginia Tech's caliber. At some point the wins have to come over teams other than FCS schools, Illinois, and Western Michigan. If Purdue can win today it proves that there are some wins there on the schedule. A loss means there may not be a win anywhere else, because it could be argued that everyone else on the schedule outside of maybe Indiana is at least as good as the Bowling Green team we face today.

Your usual crew is out and about: T-Mill is Tweeting from inside Ross-Ade Stadium. Jumboheroes is manning the 1's and 2's of the site and will have your quick game wrap. Juan is traveling and will likely be tracking via phone. Let's go get this one, shall we?