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David Rose and Evyn Cooper Arrested: What We Know

Well, aside from them being world-class dumbasses, that is.

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I was awakened this morning to the following text from Juan in our writer group text:

"Hooray for waking up to Purdue football players being arrested!"

As you know by now, freshman defensive backs Evyn Cooper and David Rose were arrested overnight. Their crime? Forcibly removing locks from bikes and stealing them at the MSEE building at approximately 1am Thursday. Both players have played this season, as Cooper had a tackle at Marshall and Rose is listed as the primary backup to Frankie Williams. While not starters, they were top reserves.

This is what makes the arrests all the more frustrating. Neither player is redshirting and they are likely involved in key game prep every day for Virginia Tech in addition to, you know, that whole school thing, and they were involved in a theft at 1 in the morning on a Thursday. That, my friends, is world-class dumbassery.

There has been no official word of the (extremely likely) suspension both will be facing on Saturday except to say that coach Hazell is aware and will let the legal process play out. That has not stopped the mouth-breathing rival fanbases from checking in. Let's go to Facebook:

Nope. I can't think of a single instance of a Notre Dame player getting arrested. At least not for something as petty as stealing a bike.

Scott Alford Are Purdue fans going to still say something about citations and IU? Citations are bad but what about arrests?

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Well, it is certainly worse than, say, an underaged player drinking, getting behind the wheel, and running over a teammate causing serious injuries.

What Cooper and Rose did is an embarrassment, yes, but I expect their punishment will be on par with B.J. Knauf and Cameron Woods from two years ago when they were caught stealing tie clips from Kohl's. Knauf sat for two games since it was his first offense, while Woods, who had a previous offense, was tossed. You have to imagine that something similar is in store for Cooper and Rose.


This seemed appropriate via Twitter: