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Big Ten Power Rankings After Week 2

Big Ten Power Rankings

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We are now two weeks into the college football season.  You can start to notice who the stronger teams are this season.  Other than the 1st place team in the rankings, a lot of things will change in the course of the season.  Stay tuned each week.

Big Ten Power Rankings

  1. (1st in East) Ohio State (2-0)

Do you need much of an explanation of why I have Ohio State Number 1?  If you do need one, start watching college football!

  1. (2nd in East) Michigan State (2-0)

They are a good team.  I don’t think their defense is as good this year.  Some people think they can squeeze into the final four.  I don’t see it happening right now.

  1. (1st in West) Wisconsin (1-1)

As always Wisconsin is solid.  All though they are doing things a little different this year by throwing the ball more than they are running it.  The November 21st game against Northwestern could decide on who is representing the West in the Big Ten championship.

  1. (2nd in West) Northwestern (2-0)

Could be in the Big Ten championship.  But then again it has only been two weeks.

  1. (3rd in East) Michigan (1-1)

The khakis have arrived.  After not scoring in the 1st quarter of the Utah game, they have scored at least a FG in every quarter since.  Don’t be surprised if they knock off Michigan State.

  1. (3rd in West) Nebraska (1-1)

A Hail Mary pass from being 2-0.  Would have been a quality win but shouldn’t have let it get to that point.

  1. (4th in West) Iowa (2-0)

Not impressed just yet.

  1. (5th in West) Minnesota (1-1)

This is a weird team.  You lose to the #3 team in the nation by 6pts, then it takes overtime to beat Colorado State.

  1. (4th in East) Maryland (1-1)

Bowling Green beat Maryland by 21. Tennessee beat Bowling Green by 29. Does that mean Tennessee would beat Maryland by 50?

  1. (6th in West) Illinois (2-0)

They beat Kent State and WIU.  Who cares?  We will know a little more about them after this week when they take on North Carolina.

  1. (5th in East) Penn State (1-1)

Lone lost to Temple.  Temple also beat Cincinnati.  Does that make you average?

  1. (6th in East) Indiana (2-0)

And then there is this team.  Yes, they are 2-0 but they barely escaped an SIU team that decided to go for the win rather than OT.  And then you beat FIU by 14.  Their 1st loss will be this weekend.

  1. (7th in West) Purdue (1-1)

Now the good guys!  Our defense is technically only giving up 20.5 pts a game (Marshall had two pick 6s).  And our offense is averaging 34.5 pts a game.  We all know this is a huge game for this program.

  1. (7th in East) Rutgers (1-1)

Rutgers beat Norfolk State. Then lost to Washington State, who lost to Portland State.  Seriously in need of some help in Rutgers.