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Purdue defeats Indiana State 38-14

Boilermakers use a hot hand from Austin Appleby to fell the trees.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Austin Appleby threw four touchdown passes with three of them being at least 50 yards to lead the Boilermakers past Indiana State this afternoon. Perhaps the niftiest of all was the end of the first half Hail Mary that saw Dan Monteroso haul in a 51 yard pass for six. It was the first touchdown catch of his career. The game could've gone much better for Purdue had they not missed two field goals, fumbled the ball twice, and failed to capitalize on some great field position. All things considered it was a solid performance by the good guys today. The defense looked solid especially considering the bad situations they were put in by the offense and speical teams. Great day for the line and linebackers as they lived in the backfield for much of the game.

We will get a more in depth look later on. The only thing concerning was the amount of yards the ISU quarterback got on the ground knowing that Virginia Tech is up next and they have a mobile quarterback.