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5 Days to Purdue Football: Domonique Young and Austin Logan

One of today's players could be a rising star in a revitalized offense.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Today we are featuring two more players, as every remaining day on the countdown will feature. We have a promising JuCo receiver brought in to play immediately and a safety who has unfortunately slid down the depth chart somewhat.

Domonique Young - Jr.

Los Angeles, CA (Cerritos College)

6'3", 205

Wide Receiver

2015 Projection: Contributor at wide receiver

Since coming to Purdue coach Hazell, who is a former receivers coach, has tried to improve the size on the edge of Purdue's receivers. This is the direct opposite of the smaller, faster receivers that Danny Hope recruited. Young is another big body that can hopefully win some physical battles with corners.

Last season he had an impressive 53 receptions for 939 yards and nine touchdowns, so he was brought in to be productive from day 1. As of now he is second on the depth chart behind Gregory Phillips and he should be one of the "Core six" receivers that Hazell wants to play.

Austin Logan - Jr.

Tallahassee, FL (Florida HS)

6', 200 pounds


2015 Projection: Contributor at safety.

It is rare that a player with such experience as a junior is seen falling by the wayside, but that is where Logan is. He played in 10 games as a true freshman in 2013 and even had an interception with 14 tackles. Unfortunately, he fell off and saw action in just three games last year, none since the Southern Illinois win. He finished with 11 tackles and was passed over.

As we enter the season Logan is not even on the two deep. He has been supplanted by Leroy Clark and Tim Cason. Still, he has that valuable commodity of experience that cannot be replaced.