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28 Days to Purdue Football: David Yancey

Today we take a look at one of the many sophomore running backs.

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***Edit let's try this again with the right Yancey shall we?***

David Yancey is one of the many sophomore running backs that sit in a bit of a logjam. He's not projected to be the starter this year, that falls on DJ Knox at the moment, but could be in line for some touches as a backup.

David Yancey - Sophomore (Redshirt)

Schererville, IN (Lake Central HS)

5'10", 215 pounds

Running back

2014 Projection: reserve at running back

Under Hazell Purdue will always be a team that tries to run the ball consistently. I think if Hazell had his wish Purdue would be a remake of the old Ohio State offenses where you run the ball three times for each set of downs. With DJ Knox probably starting the season as the #1 back it leads to the rest of Purdue's running backs, and there are many, fighting to be the main backup or even the third stringer. Third string might be as good as can be expected barring any injuries. Keyante Green seems to have the backup/co-starter role down. So what can we expect from a guy like Yancey?

The best thing a guy in his position can do is take advantage of chances when they come his way. He will obviously get some snaps on special teams this year that he can use as a trial to show his toughness, show his competitiveness, and show his passion. Purdue will need some speedy, hard hitting guys on both the punt and kickoff teams and this could offer Yancey a chance to see the field and hopefully impress the coaches. It's a tough road for a backup running back but this is his best chance to get on the field ASAP.