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Austin Appleby Named Purdue Starting Quarterback

The junior holds on to his job earned midseason last year and will make his 8th career start at Marshall on September 6.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Austin Appleby, the junior incumbent, will be the starter in 12 days when the Boilermakers take on Marshall to start the 2015 season. Coach Darrell Hazell made the announcement this afternoon after practice. Here is what Appleby had to say:

And here is what coach Hazell had to say:

Finally, here is what John Shoop had to say about his quarterback:

Overall, I think this is the right move. Appleby has the experience and has the leadership needed to take this team to some success in 2015. Because of this, he is the best guy for 2015. He also puts Purdue in a good position for 2016. Either Purdue gets David Blough or Elijah Sindelar after a year of seasoning or they get a senior quarterback coming off of a good season to lead an experienced team into a potentially big year.

Of course, he could always just play out of his mind, win the Heisman, lead Purdue to an unexpected national title, and head to the pros a year early. I am not picky.

But Austin is the guy and I think he gives us the best chance to win some games right now. He is the guy I want heading into the opener at Marshall. Since he is the only quarterback with a road win in the past two seasons, even better.

In other quick news:

  • D.J. Knox is now wearing jersey No. 1. Hazell said he "earned it"
  • Danny Ezechukwu has a sprained MCL. He will be able to practice next Tuesday and is expected to play against Marshall. Praise Cthulu!