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Purdue Football Practice Day 6: Anthrop Leaves Practice Limping

Because of course.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is not the news we needed to hear. Today is the first two-a-day practice and Purdue is doing it on the road at Wabash College in Crawfordsville. it appears as if the Little Giants might have finally gotten their revenge against the Boilermakers. The schools have not played since 1928 (and will likely never play again) with Purdue holding a 19-8-2 record over the Little Giants, but the school that accused us of having ringers and leading to the "Boilermakers" nickname may have gotten the last laugh according to Gold and Black Illustrated:

Although we'll find out more when we can speak with Coach Darrell Hazell after the afternoon practice, Danny Anthrop left the morning practice limping. Hazell had said Wednesday Anthrop probably would only participate in one of the two practices Thursday, but, upon further review, No. 2 may have been a safer bet.

But Anthrop is the concern here. After the senior and his repaired ACL went to the ground to catch a pass during perimeter work, he got up slowly and then hunched over, seemingly staying that way for minutes. (In reality, probably five seconds.) He was back in later, though, for more perimeter work. After a catch underneath, he was grabbed by a defensive player and twisted a bit. Anthrop noticeably walked off limping after that play. Hazell walked over to him and had a discussion. Though it already was later in practice, it was apparent Anthrop wasn't coming back in. Would be surprised if he goes in the afternoon and will keep an eye on him.

Well, this sucks. I knew Anthrop's injury was more severe than your run-of-the-mill ACL tear because it involved a torn meniscus and double bone break, but this is not a good sign. It is only speculation, but it is not a good sign that he is already limping after just 6 days of practice. Let us hope the injury is minor.

In the worst case scenario he does have a redshirt year still available if he needs to take a year off to fully heal.

In other news from recent practices:

  • The Austin Appleby vs. David Blough derby is not settled as they are alternating first team snaps. From the published practice reports I would say Appleby has an edge.
  • D.J. Knox is likely cemented as the starter at RB.
  • We have actual Big Ten linebackers, and three of them!