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27 Days to Purdue Football: Knox and Feichter

Best way to do one write-up is to do TWO write-ups!

Coach isn't impressed with the picture choices
Coach isn't impressed with the picture choices
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Today we take a look at two players who should make an impact on the field this season. D.J. Knox is more than likely, barring some injury or unforeseen circumstance, to be the starting running back for this young corps of running backs. Evan Feichter is the younger brother of Landon Feichter and also happens to be a walk-on like Landon was. We will take a look at Knox first then go to Feichter.

D.J. Knox - Sophomore

Fairburn, GA (Creekside HS)

5'7", 197 pounds

Running Back

2015 Projection: Starting Running Back

Knox didn't get a single carry last year during his freshman season. The only time he saw the field was during special teams. A young guy like David Yancey can take heart that being a standout on special teams can get you recognition and lead to some good things for you in the following season. Keyante Green is the only player returning for Purdue that has racked up any rushing yards. It says something about Knox that he is widely considered the man to be starting this season. It's a bit unsettling as a fan to see such little experience at a key position but there is definitely talent in the backfield. Knox should be able to use his size and rack up yards between the tackles. The guy has legs like tree trunks for heaven's sake.

Evan Feichter - Junior. (RS)

Fort Wayne, IN (Bishop Dwenger HS)

6', 191 pounds


2015 Projection: Contributor at safety/special teams

Walking on to Purdue football and making the team must seem like old hat in the Feichter family at this point. Both Landon and Evan did just that. With Landon now graduated it falls on Evan to continue the Feichter tradition of playing hard, being hard nosed, and always being the guy with the most heart on the entire field. Despite being a walk-on Evan was able to see the field last year on special teams in two games. This was down from three games the year prior but still impressive for a walk-on. Currently Feichter sits as a backup at safety but could be a key contributor on special teams.