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36 Days to Purdue Football - Ezechukwu and Worship

Hey bartender, make it a double!

Being ejected from the IU game for a B.S. ref bump.
Being ejected from the IU game for a B.S. ref bump.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Today in the countdown we take a look at Danny Ezechukwu and Richie Worship. We will start with Exechukwu then head off to Worship...see what I did there? Ugh. I'm even mad at myself for that one.

Danny Ezechukwu - Sophomore

Lithonia, GA (Arabia Mountain High School)

6'2", 246 lbs


2015 Projection- Starting linebacker

Ezechukwu was thrust into a starting spot after the injury to Sean Robinson last year and surprised everyone. When you thrust a freshman into a role due to injury you always wonder what they are going to be able to do. Ezechukwu started the last six games of the season and had an interceptions, forced two fumbles, and just for good measure threw in a couple pass breakups as well. With an offseason to get bigger and stronger it's hoped that pairing him with Bentley and Herman will allow Purdue to field a competitive linebacking corps for the first time since the Great Depression. My facts might be off there but I feel like that's right. Either way he should be able to make quite an impression on the field this year if the offseason program is as tough as the players have said.

Richie Worship- Freshman

Cleveland, OH (Valley Forge High School)

6'1", 242 lbs

Running Back

2015 Projection - Backup running back with special teams a possibility

This freshman comes to Purdue from the land of LeBron James and crippling depression, that's right i'm talking about Cleveland. Despite being 6'1" and 242 the incoming freshman managed to rush for over 1,700 yards and find the endzone 27 times during his senior season. Those are some pretty nice numbers. Of course he isn't expected to get anywhere near that immediately at Purdue. He likely won't see many snaps at running back this season unless things go really poorly for the running backs, but it's possible he could see the field on special teams specifically kickoff or punt teams. There's also the possibility that the coaching staff wants to save his year of eligibility and Worship will just focus on strength and conditioning for this season. Either way, he's one to watch for the future.