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2015 Big Ten Media Days: Purdue Videos

Campus Insiders provides some video interviews for us from Big Ten Media Days.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

A special thank you is in store for Campus Insiders, who provided the following video from Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. First, we have coach Hazell talking about Purdue's defensive goals in 2015:

Next, we have coach Hazell talking about quarterback Austin Appleby, who is the likely favorite to be the starter when the season opens at Marshall:

Finally, we have cornerback Frankie Williams talking about the team expectations as a whole. As a senior, Frankie wanted to go out strong, so I am looking for a big year from him:

Thank you very much, Shae, for the interviews. I know we're all looking forward to some actual football here in just a few more weeks. I admit that coach Hazell's remarks today served their purpose: They got diehards like me excited for the season. I also like Frankie Williams as a leader. Let's surprise a few people in a few weeks at Marshall, shall we?