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2015 Big Ten Football Media Days: BINGO!

Big Ten Media Days are pretty generic, so let's play some Bingo!

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten Media Days are later this week, and that means we get generic quote after generic quote from coaches and players. The only true value you get from it is the roundtable interviews, otherwise it is all televised and if you're in attendance it is a chance to travel and get free food on you company's dime.

That last part is why we won't be there this year, because it costs money and vacation days from the real job to go to Chicago for two days.

We will still be covering things, however, and if there are going to be generic, canned quotes we might as well have some fun with it. We have created a bingo game for you to play at home. I have culled 75 terms in five different categories to create 10 different bingo cards. The categories are:


Excuses (good or bad)

Someone Mentions...

Wild Cards

Trophy Games

So have fun! We're all happy to be here and ready to get the season started!

Phrases Excuses (Good or Bad) Someone Mentions… Wild Cards Trophies
1 "Excited to be here" "This is a whole new season" Ohio State's QB situation Penn State sanctions question Governor's Victory Bell
2 "We had a great offseason" "It won't happen overnight" Kirk Ferentz/Tim Beckman hot seat Ohio State-Virginia Tech rematch Old Oaken Bucket
3 "He's just an Athlete" "He made some mistakes, but he's a young player." Jim Harbaugh's first year More Big Ten expansion Purdue Cannon
4 "We have to (gain/carry over) momentum" "He took his redshirt year very seriously" A player's arrest Moving the B1G Championship game The Jug
5 "Just ready to get started" "Last year was a transition year." Mike Reilly's first year Coach takes a cheap shot at another program Land-Grant Trophy
6 "We made great strides in the weight room" "We were riddled with injuries last year." Paul Chryst's first year Conference Financials Illibuck
7 "We're ready for a breakout year" "Things just didn't go our way." Ohio State's title defense Television deals LOLHat
8 "It starts up front…" "We have great focus coming into this year" Maryland and Rutgers' second year Conference Officiating (positive or negative) Paul Bunyan's Axe
9 "We have an excellent recruiting class" "Some of our coaching staff changes were really beneficial" Michigan-Ohio State rivalry The college football playoff Heartland trophy
10 "We have an excellent Senior class" "We have finally figured out the quarterback situation." Someone challenging Ohio State Harbaugh does/says something odd Broken Bits of Chair Trophy
11 "The Big Ten is just so tough every week" "We re-evaluated some things." A team as "a darkhorse" Kirk Ferentz leaves the podium early Old Brass Spitoon
12 "It is great to be here today." "It is always tough to win on the road." Major Media Markets Urban Meyer laments having 3 great QBs Heroes Game
13 "We have great fans." "We made changes from the administration on down." The SEC EA Sports lawsuit Floyd of Rosedale
14 "Practice starts on X day." "We have never been this ready for a season." Big Ten Academics "Cost of Attendance" Paul Bunyan trophy
15 "It is a process" "We are really coming together as a team." Notre Dame A surprise NCAA investigation Freedom Trophy

Bingo 1

Bingo 2
Bingo 3
Bingo 4
Bingo 5