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David Teague, Willie Deane Advance in The Basketball Tournament

David Teague's team is still alive for a $1 million prize.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This summer we have a new basketball tournament to follow. While many people are following the NBA Summer Leagues, 97 teams are taking part in a winner-take-all tournament for a $1 million prize simply called The Basketball Tournament. Here is a more detailed explanation. The defending champions are the Notre Dame Fighting Alumni, but there are a couple of former Boilers alive in this one:

Willie Deane - Willie Deane is from my era, as he was one of the last great Gene Keady players and he even toyed with leaving early for the NBA a year early. He is playing for the Boeheim's Army team run by former Syracuse team manager Kevin Belbey.

The Army was the No. 1 seed in the Northeast region and beat the NYC Superstars 91-73int her first game. In game two they beat & Olney in overtime 92-91 to reach the quarterfinals.  Willie had 13 points and 8 assists in the win. In the Sweet 16 round they beat Liberty Ballers 78-72 and Deane had 16 points, 3 assists, and 4 rebounds. Throughout the tournament had great coverage of the team, and had a nice profile on Deane:

Deane is the perfect lead guard for this Boeheim's Army team. Cerebral and careful. Cunning and courageous. He scored 16 points in Friday'sSuper 17 win over Liberty Ballers. He sank 6-of-10 shots, made two free throws in the final four seconds, contributed three assists against one turnover.

Eric Devendorf recruited Deane to Boeheim's Army. Most of the Syracuse-based The Basketball Tournament team had never heard of Deane, a Schenectady native who played at Purdue. But all of Boeheim's Army has come to appreciate Deane as the Army rolls to tonight's elite eight game at DePaul University in pursuit of the tournament's $1 million prize money.

The run ended for the Army in the quarterfinals as they fell to City of Gods 80-76. Deane had 10 points, 7 rebounds, and five assists in the loss.

David Teague - Teague is playing for the Ants Alumni team, which is a roster full of the 2014 D-League champion Fort Wayne Mad Ants. This team won a pair of games this weekend as the 2 seed in the Midwest region to make it to the semifinals of the entire tournament. Their first game they beat BG Taskforce 89-63, but Teague did not play. In the next round they beat Houston Live 92-78, but again, Teague did not play. These were their early games that got them to the final 17 (The Sweet 16 plus the defending champion Notre Dame Fighting Alumni.

Teague did not play in the Sweet 16 89-84 overtime win over Notre Dame, but former Big Ten players Roderick Wilmont and Brian Butch played. In the quarterfinals the Ants beat Armored Athlete 76-72. While ETague, again, did not play, it was a sweet win, as Armorded Athlete had Will Sheehey, Jordan Hulls, and Christian Watford.

The Ants Alumni are now on to the championship round starting Saturday in New York. They play Team 23 on Saturday before facing City of Gods or Overseas Elite for $1 million on Sunday. The final will be televised on ESPN at 3pm Sunday.