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Ryan Kerrigan: NASA Technician and Other Fake Jobs

Sharknado 3 premiers tonight and our very own Ryan Kerrigan plays a NASA technician. What would other Purdue athletes be at home playing on screen?

America's newest star
America's newest star
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Hollywood's biggest blockbuster of the year isn't Avengers Age of Ultron, Inside Out, Ant-Man, or Jurassic World, it's Sharknado 3. That very blockbuster premiers tonight featuring Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan as a NASA Technician. That got me thinking what other jobs would some famous Purdue players portray? Kerrigan is of course known as a rather smart fellow so a NASA Technician would work for him. I'm keeping that in mind as I take a look at some other possibilities.

Drew Brees - President of the United States

Drew Brees is widely held up as one of the nicest guys in the NFL. Everyone he meets sings his praises. Drew has often spoken in the past of his desire to maybe one day looking to get into politics. Regardless of your own political views I think we can all agree we'd vote for the Drew Brees Party ticket. I can imagine Brees playing the hero President in a disaster movie who is forced into action one last time to save the country.

Brian Cardinal - Custodian

We all love Brian Cardinal for any number of reasons but I think part of his appeal with Purdue fans is that he seems just like one of us. We figure hey if Brian Cardinal can get out there and play in the NBA why can't I? Of course that's a ridiculous thought but it also makes sense as to why he was so beloved. For his role I placed him as the custodian. He'd be the guy you don't expect much out of but when the time comes he doles out some deep wisdom that ultimately helps the hero. Though not the hero himself he is pivotal to the story.

Kyle Orton - Bartender

Kyle Orton likes to drink. It's not a secret. The dude knows how to party. He's also deeply philosophical as it was said numerous times that he and coach Tiller would often have meetings just to discuss life and all of the different issues of the day. Orton was always one of the most enigmatic people that played for Purdue. For that reason I imagine Orton as the well traveled bartender who is incredibly wise and dispatches advice to all his patrons when needed. He doesn't drink as much now but he's still known to throw a few back. If push comes to shove in his bar though he will step up and knock someone out. He's still in shape after all.

Cuonzo Martin - The Preacher

Cuonzo has long been a man of faith. He often talks about his belief in God and how during his cancer scare he relied on prayer and the help of his doctors. Plus, have you ever heard the man talk? He's not bombastic and not one to waste he words, but when he does talk he can captivate an audience. Martin has gone through a series of challenges in his life but has come out better for it on the other side. As the preacher Cuonzo speaks on that experience and helps those around him grow into better people.

E'Twaun Moore - The quiet genius

Despite Moore being one of the best players in Purdue history he was often overlooked by his more headline grabbing teammates. Moore wasn't as full of sauce as some would have liked. Moore was a consummate team player. Whenever something needed done if Moore was given the chance you know it would get done. For that reason I imagine Moore playing the genius tech guy. He doesn't get a lot of the credit but he does the important parts. He's not the James Bond but he's the Q.

So that's just a quick look at the future acting careers of some former Purdue athletes. Thoughts? What about JJ or Hummel or Kramer? What roles would they play? Be sure to catch Kerrigan's movie debut tonight at 9 PM on Syfy.