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Sharknado 3 Open Thread - FEATURING RYAN KERRIGAN!!!


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Rarely do we as a society get to gather together and marvel in the creation of great works of art. Tonight, from boston to Budapest, we will get to see such art formed in community.

Tonight at 9pm (8 Central) the epic conclusion to a timeless trilogy will air on SyFy Network. I am, of course, referring to Sharknado 3, featuring the incomparable Ian Zearing in a lead role that will surely have the Academy giving him a call later this year.

The acting prowess of Zearing and Tara Reid are not why we are watching, however. Purdue's own Ryan Kerrigan is making his film debut in a role that will surely land him a Best Supporting Actor nod from Oscar. I am not sure what his role is, but in a film of this caliber you attract only the highest talent.

So sit back, crack open a fine bottle of port, and let us watch in community. The only disappointment is if the rest of the 90210 cast does not make an appearance, including Gabrielle Karteris.