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65 Days to Purdue Football: Ben Makowski

Today we continue the Long Snapper love.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Once again, the love for long snappers continues as today we preview the third one here in the early throes of the countdown.

Ben Makowski - Fr.

Osceola, IN (Penn HS)

6'2", 263 pounds

Long Snapper

2015 Projection: Possible starter at long snapper

Makowski is one of three long snappers on the roster, but he is the only freshman and the only one recruited and on scholarship. He comes to us from one of the best football programs in Indiana in Penn HS. Penn is regularly one of the top Class 6A teams in Indiana and during his four years there the Kingsmen went an impressive 47-4. Unfortunately, they did not win a state championship. Three times they fell to Carmel, including each of the last two years in the semi-state while undefeated. This past year was especially painful, as Carmel won 14-13 when the Penn kicker hit the upright on an extra point with 3:50 left.

Makowski was the No. 6 rated long snapper in America and even has a recruiting video:

Makowski was able to enroll in the spring and is working at becoming a pilot:

Let's see... He had his first flying lesson in a Sesna 172 around the Elkhart airport. He's getting ready to be the best man at his buddy Gabriel Miller's wedding Saturday...

And, oh yeah, after the Kingsmen season ended with a Class 6-A semistate loss to Carmel in mid-November, the 6-foot-2, 260-pound long snapper decided to graduate a semester early, taking Purdue up on its scholarship offer and an opportunity for a head start.

Finally, here was our own earlier preview of him:


Ability to Throw the Ball Between His Legs with Accuracy: Makowski is able to chuck the ball between his legs and to the punter or holder with breathtaking accuracy. I understand he can hit a dime with a snap from 20 yards.

Ability to Throw the Ball Between His Legs with Power: Makowski can put terrifying power on his snaps. Most of the time he only snaps at half power because he is still mentally scared after concussing his high school punter with a snap last year. At half power, his snaps are still more powerful than an average longer snapper at full power.

Ability to Rumble Down the Field: Makowski doesn't run down the field, he rumbles, like an entire herd of angry Buffalos. He isn't particularly fast or agile, but if the returner has the bad fortune to run directly into his chest, they will go down, and they will go down hard.


Too Powerful: As noted above, Makowski's snaps are like missiles. If the adrenaline gets pumping, it's possible that his snap may injure the punter or holder. It is rumored that Makowski spends his weekends working for a wrecking company, where his snaps are used instead of a wrecking ball.