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52 Days to Purdue Football: Johnny Daniels

His brother Jack is much more famous but Johnny certainly has his strengths.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has been known for two positions throughout their history: Quarterbacks and Defensive Ends. Purdue has both a cradle and a den. I'm not sure where either of them are actually located but I hope to see them one day. Johnny Daniels hopes to one day be listed among great defensive ends. If so he's got a long way to go.

Johnny Daniels - Sophomore (RS)

Chicago, Illinois (Foreman HS)

6'3", 287 pounds

Defensive Tackle

2015 Projection: Reserve at defensive tackle

Daniels is pegged as a nose tackle with his big size. His hopes of getting on the field this season are bolstered by his size and the fact that Purdue could always use someone to eat up space in the run game. Though he hasn't been on the field in his first two seasons, one of which was a redshirt season, there's always a chance that he could get out there this year.

With the, ahem, issues Gelen Robinson has it may cause a shuffling of the defensive line assignments before the season begins. The defensive line is already a weak point of the defense so it's possible there will be some surprise contributors. If Daniels hopes to be one he needs to be the definition of a space eater. He would be out there not to chase down the QB but to clog lanes and slow the opponents down. Let's hope the former Chicago Defensive Player of the Year can put in the work and see the field on a pretty thin line this season.