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How We’re Spending Our Purdue Basketball Summer

Vince Edwards and Caleb Swanigan will take on the world.

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There is great anticipation for November 13th, which is the start of one of the most anticipated Purdue basketball seasons of all time. Unfortunately, we have several months to go until Mackey Arena starts rocking again. The true improvement will be done this summer, and several players are already working hard towards the 2015-16 season:

P.J. Thompson - P.J. is currently on the other side of the planet playing in China as part of the U.S.A. Eagles basketball program. He has been over there since May 28th and will return on June 9th. Information on them is... sparse. I found a couple of scores through a Hudl page, and the other homes on the U.S.A. Eagles were either old rosters or in Chinese. I haven't heard the sound of an ACL snapping, so I assume all is well.

Caleb Swanigan & Vince Edwards - Our new power forward and old power forward will be in the same place. Swanigan was scheduled to take part in the Indiana All-Star Series next week as the reigning Mr. Basketball, but he will miss it after receiving an invite to the Under-19 U.S. National Team camp from June 12-26 in Colorado Springs. Joining him will be Edwards, meaning the two, who could both be starting in Purdue's frontcourt this season, can get some time working together. Swanigan is a good passer and Edwards needs to work on his three-point shooting. Why not do it while playing against the best in the world at their ages?

If both make the team they will played in the World Championships from June 27-July5 in Athens, Greece. Only 24 players were invited to the camp, so getting two of them, especially players that will likely work together a lot, is a nice little bonus.

Ryan Cline - Cline will be participating in next week's Indiana All-Star activities, as the team is down from 14 to 11 players now. In addition to Swanigan missing, Ryan Fazekas will miss due to classes at Providence and Josh Spiedel, who had signed with Vermont out of Columbus North, will miss due to a serious car accident suffered on February 1. The All-Stars will play the junior All-Stars Monday at Richmond and Wednesday at Columbus North before taking on Kentucky next Friday in Lexington and Saturday in Indianapolis. Cline, as you know, was Mr. basketball runner-up to Swanigan.

Cline will also play this Saturday at the Hoosier Gym in Knightstown in the Hoosier Reunion All-Star Classic.

Everyone Else

Cardinal Court is open, boys. Get some shots up.

Oh, and tickets for the season go on sale tomorrow.