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71Days to Purdue Football: Corey Clements

Today's player might be the largest in the Big Ten.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Today's player is a BIG addition to the team. He is in his second season as a JuCo transfer and he is potentially the biggest player in the Big Ten.

Corey Clements - Sr.

Birmingham, AL (Arizona Mesa C.C.)

6'8", 420 pounds

Offensive Guard

2015 Projection: Possible Starter at Offensive Guard

That is not a misprint. Clements is listed as weighing a huge 420 pounds, and after seeing him up close when I sat directly behind the Purdue bench at last year's Bucket game, I believe it. If you can believe it, he was also a basketball player in his first two years of JuCo, so imagine trying to move him off of the low block.

Unfortunately, with that much bulk, conditioning is an issue. Clements saw action in a handful of games last year, but never solidly caught on as a starter. I believe he was a special teams blocker as well.

Either way, Clements is a massive blocker that, in a situational role, can be effective. In short yardage situations there is no reason we can't run behind him and use him as a huge bulldozer to clear people out of the way. If he simply falls forward it is going to clear out some space.