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72 Days to Purdue Football: Jason King

Our trip down the line continues with Jason King.

Jason King reminding you he hates IU also.
Jason King reminding you he hates IU also.
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Jason King - Junior (RS)

Hometown: Little Rock, AR (Pulaski Academy)

Offensive Lineman

6'4", 309 pounds

2015 Projection: Starter at offensive guard

Jason King is one of the lineman that Danny Hope recruited that has panned out. After starting five games during the 2013 season King moved into a full time starting role during the 2014 season. Coming into his third season of play with the team he should be one of the anchors on the line next to starting left tackle David Hedelin. The two will have played next to each other for nearly two full seasons and the rapport they have should help protect the left side of the line.

If Purdue hopes to have an improved offense this season it's going to depend in no small part on guys like King improving year over year. King was a solid presence on the line last year don't get me wrong but Purdue needs him to be better. Purdue needs that left side of the line to protect the QB and allow the Purdue running backs to break through to open field. King has the opportunity to become a very solid building block on this Purdue offensive line. The question for him becomes can he grasp that opportunity? The tools are there. Now is his time to shine.