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78 Days to Purdue Football: Colton Bahamonde

Today we take a look at the walk-on offensive lineman.

Let's show the band some love!
Let's show the band some love!
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Today we continue our countdown to the start of Purdue football with yet another walk-on. This time with walk-on offensive lineman Colton Bahamonde. Bahamonde redshirted last season and is hoping to work his way onto the two deeps throughout the season.

Colton Bahamonde

Chandler, AZ (Hamilton High School)

6'5", 280 pounds

Offensive Line

2015 Projection - Deep Reserve on Offensive Line

Bahamonde comes to Purdue from a fairly successful program in AZ that was ranked third in the state during his senior year. His team finished the season 11-3 according to MaxPreps. You can take a look at his full profile there. Bahamonde being a walk-on I'm sure he understands how difficult it is to break through and see the field especially at a position such as offensive line. Though Purdue certainly doesn't have a great line by any measure it's something they've worked to recruit hard and improve upon. Bahamonde will be a guy who pushes the team in practice and will hopefully push those players in front of him on the depth chart to be better. If not they know they have a guy who comes from a successful high school breathing down their necks.

During the Spring Game draft Bahamonde played on the black team which scored 21 unanswered to win the game. Though he wasn't the star of the game he did rotate in from time to time.

Being a walk-on isn't an easy task. Especially when you come from a school with a winning tradition. Bahamonde has his work cut out for him to crack the depth chart but it's guys like him that really light a fire under your team. It's guys like him that can really set the tone in practice because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you'd like to know more about him you can follow him on Twitter @bahamonde_75.