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Purdue Football Master Plan Survey Reveals Ross-Ade Images

A survey sent to John Purdue Club Members gives a sneak peek as to what Ross-Ade Stadium MIGHT look like soon.

In my inbox today I received an e-mail from Purdue that had a survey on what fans would want from the proposed South End Zone Master plan. The survey itself had the typical questions about amenities and how much certain areas would cost (read: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too much for me on my salary), but it did have something very interesting:

Some rendering of what the final project could look like.

The images here are shown with permission from John Purdue Club and they DO NOT represent the final product. In fact, it could look completely different. still, they look very, very good:

Okay, I have to admit that these look pretty badass. The South End zone appears to have a club section, a field-level sports part, individual boxes, and the rail line that connects to the concourse.

Oh, and it appears to be pretty concrete from the survey and the designs that, finally, Ross-Ade Stadium will finally join the rest of the college football world and have lights installed.