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86 Days To Purdue Football: Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones can jump high, but can he play football? Let's hope so, because he's got crazy mad ups.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Jones makes an appearance on the countdown today. Who is Kevin Jones you ask? Honestly, I'm not completely sure. The only thing I know about Kevin Jones is that he is a walk-on who can jump really high.

Kevin Jones - Junior

Chicago, Illinois (Brother Rice)

5'10, 195 pounds

Wide Receiver

2014: Deep Reserve at Wide Receiver

I have no idea if Kevin Jones can catch a football, but I do know that it's probably hard to throw it over his head. At Brother Rice, Jones was a superb high jumper, and currently holds the Brother Rice school record with a jump of 6'7. Other than that, I've got nothing. Do you know Kevin Jones? Better yet, are you Kevin Jones? If so, hit up the comments section with some information.