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Breaking News: Danny Etling to Transfer

The former Purdue starting QB was granted his release today.

Adios Etling. Best of luck.
Adios Etling. Best of luck.
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of rather shocking news, or not shocking depending on what rumors you listen to, Danny Etling was granted his release from Purdue today and will seek to play the remainder of his college football career elsewhere. Personally, I'm not extremely surprised by this news. After Etling was supplanted by Austin Appleby last season you got the impression that he might've been done. It's a shame because Etling committed to Danny Hope and stayed despite the coach he committed to being fired. Etling said all the right things throughout this difficult transition from backup to starter and then returning to backup. It couldn't have been easy thing to go through.

We will definitely keep an eye on what this means for the QB position long term but in the short term it means that Austin Appleby has cemented his place as the starter for next year's team barring some other unforeseen event. That also leaves David Blough as his backup and he's never taken a college snap. That leaves Elijah Sindelar handling third string, and more than likely scout team, duties. We wish young Mr. Etling nothing but the best in his search for a new college home. I truly hope the man gets another shot. It just seemed like he couldn't get out of his own way. Hopefully he finds a place to let his talent shine through.