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Purdue Passes APR Test


Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Let's let Homer Simpson take it away for us:

Yes, all 20 varsity programs at Purdue passed the minimum 930 on the APR, so that means we're at least all eligible for the respective NCAA Tournaments next season. Among your highlights:

Fifteen of the squads maintained or improved their multi-year rate from a year ago: men's basketball (remained 985), women's cross country (remained 989), football (964 vs. 961), men's golf (remained 988), soccer (remained 983), softball (990 vs. 976), men's swimming and diving (957 vs. 945), men's tennis (remained 986), women's tennis (1,000 vs. 992), men's indoor track & field (961 vs. 950), women's indoor track & field (974 vs. 865), men's outdoor track & field (962 vs. 957), women's outdoor track & field (978 vs. 969), volleyball (remained 1,000) and wrestling (970 vs. 966). Ten teams had perfect 1,000 scores for the current year: men's basketball, women's basketball, women's cross country, women's golf, softball, men's tennis, women's tennis, women's indoor track & field, women's outdoor track & field and volleyball.

The news of 10 sports, including men's basketball, getting perfect scores is excellent. We're in the classroom and kicking ass instead of smoking it up in a dorm room or something else. Volleyball and women's tennis both finished in the top 10% nationally for their sport.

Of course, here is the best news:

The Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of Purdue student-athletes has improved from 82 percent to 84 percent and is on track to remain at 84 percent in 2016. Overall, 90 percent of student-athletes completing his/her eligibility at Purdue graduate.

That is excellent. They are likely graduating in real programs too and not African American Studies like at North Carolina.