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Purdue Women’s Golf In The Hunt For Second National Title

Women's. Golf. School.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It is late May, so the Purdue women's golf team is in the hunt for another national championship.

First, think about that for a moment. Savor it. A Purdue athletic team is in the hunt for ANOTHER (meaning more than one because they already have one) national championship. Yeah, we don't have much, but we have this.


Okay, now that we're past that, let's get on to the update. The Boilers, since winning in 2010 and finishing as runner-up in 2007 and 2011, has been a regular in the NCAA championships. This year is a young team with only two seniors. Purdue was ranked 31st in the nation coming into the tournament but still made the championship round. Conditions on the course in Bradenton, FL have not been ideal, but through two rounds (halfway through) Purdue finds itself in fifth place.

Purdue entered the day at 10th in the championships, but powered through the back nine on a stormy course to move up five places. They could technically move up even more because weather suspended the match after Purdue finished. Your order through (mostly) two rounds:

1.       USC +14 (golfers are on holes 11-14 in round 2)

2.       Duke +23 (golfers on holes 15-18 in round 2)

3.       Tennessee +27 (golfers on holes 13-15 in round 2)

4.       Baylor +28 (round 2 complete)

5.       Purdue +33 (round 2 complete)

So, the ladies are doing very, very well:

  • Freshman Marta Martin is the leading Purdue golfer at +4 overall, tied for 12th.
  • Linn Andersson is at +5, and she is another freshman.
  • The elder stateswoman, Aurora Kan, is doing well at +9 for the tournament. She is one of the two seniors.
  • Sophomore August Kim is Purdue's 4th and final score counting right now at +14.
  • The fifth golfer (The championships only count the four best scores for each team) is junior Anna Appert-Lund at +16.

So yes, there is work to be done, but once again our Boilers are threatening for a women's golf title.