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2015 NFL Draft Day 3: Where Will The Boilers Go?

Finally, we should get to see a Purdue player drafted today.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

I am expecting at least two Boilermakers to get their names called today during the final four rounds of the NFL Draft, and when at least one is called it will ensure that, for the 18th straight season, at least one Boilermaker will be selected in the NFL Draft. I did profiles on five separate Boilers, but it is unlikely all five will get drafted. Instead, I think two will:

Ryan Russell - Ryan has been projected as a late round pick based on his physical potential and he did get invited to the NFL combine. Those are usually pretty good signs that a player will get drafted by someone. Ryan probably goes in round six or seven.

Akeem Hunt - Akeem had a monster pro day and showed throughout his career that he can be very versatile. He was more than a running back. he caught passes out of the backfield very well and was a good kick returner without ever being the main guy there. Think of him as a poor man's Darren Sproles, and a player like that is very useful. I'd love to see him be a seventh round pick for the Colts.

Raheem Mostert - Many of the same things about Hunt are true for Mostert, though he does not have the pass catchings kills that Hunt does. I see Mostert more as a return specialist that some team grabs in the free-for-all that is free agency once the draft ends.

Gabe Holmes - Again, how much do NFL teams draft on potential? How much time and patience dot hey have for Holmes, a frustrating player that had a world of physical gifts, but never seemed to put it together? I think he gets a free-agent nod.

Landon Feichter - It would shock me if Landon was drafted. It would not shock me if he got a free agent contract and clawed his way onto a roster. That's what he does.