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Tuesday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

There is still no end in sight.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is D-Day for signing an LOI for Mr. Swanigan. If he does not sign tomorrow, and it is starting to look very likely that he won't, he essentially becomes a free agent. This could be good for Purdue's chances, but bad for team chemistry, as California Golden Blogs notes:

The spring signing period lasts up until May 20th, at which point things reset. I'm not exactly sure how things change after that, but no signing by then would make it tough for Swanigan to attend summer bridge.  Fulfilling summer bridge academic requirements is generally expected among all Cal freshmen student-athletes, so a summer commitment might require a bit more juggling to pull off properly to get everyone on campus.

Homestead HS graduates on June 6. The first Purdue summer session that Swanigan can enroll in is the following Wednesday on June 10. Since coach Painter wants 12-month players, that is likely when Ryan Cline and Grant Weatherford will come to campus. I would assume that coach Painter is not going to let Swanigan have the summer off when no one else does. Anything later, for whatever school he signs with, will cut into critical summer conditioning and such.

Kentucky Sports Radio

These guys seem to think it is down to Purdue and Kentucky:

Purdue is the closer of the two schools, located about two hours west of Fort Wayne, Swanigan's hometown. Purdue is also where Swanigan's adoptive father played basketball and football, so the connection is strong.

Kentucky, on the other hand, is Kentucky and John Calipari needs Swanigan's size in his frontcourt next season. If Swanigan decides to leave the state of Indiana and the family's Boilermaker ties, UK will be the pick.

No new information there, really.

Final Four U Blog

This site seems to think Michigan State might be back in the mix:

We just received a call (not a text, you young bucks) from our very reliable source that Swanigan has been in contact this weekend with the Michigan State basketball staff. Issues are trying to be resolved and we are told that Michigan State is officially back in the mix for his possible commitment to the Spartans. But before we as Spartan fans get too exicted, there is the x-factor: Tom Izzo. Our source does not know those details but Izzo and Swanigan have some things to work out first.

Once again, no official sources here though.