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Saturday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

The commitment of Tayler Persons to Ball State makes things interesting.

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Saturday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

I have to be honest. There is not a lot left to say about this. National writers are congratulating themselves over finding out Kentucky is involved when we have known this for more than a week. The big three seem to Kentucky, Purdue, and California:

  • Purdue has an open scholarship, but he has not committed, even if it is an excellent situation for him to walk in to in terms of style of play.
  • Cal seem to be the place he wants to be, but does not have an open spot as of right now.
  • "Everyone wants to go to Kentucky" and the Wildcats are offering hard, but he has not committed.

The biggest thing from all of this is the absolute silence coming from Ft. Wayne. Your last actual Tweet from him:

Yes, indeed, he poop.

For those who want to read too much into things, he did Retweet this after that:

This is the first mention directly from Caleb that referred in any way, shape, or form to one of the schools recruiting him. I don't know if that is a sign or not, but I am merely presenting it for what it is: A retweet from an 18-year-old. With all the speculation and everything else this is the most concrete thing we have seen all week, all because it comes directly from Swanigan himself.

Some supporting evidence for Purdue:

Tayler Persons is off the market:

As you know, I am deeply entwined with Kokomo High School basketball. Through those I know in the program there, I was told that if Purdue offered, Tayler was going to accept. This was from multiple people that I trust who have been around Kokomo basketball longer than I have, and I have pretty much been as close as I can get since I could walk. There is not a doubt in my mind that this is true, and I never say anything with that certainty here.

Tayler visited last week and has a pretty in depth discussion with the coaching staff. He was never offered.

So, the question, why? There is not a doubt in my mind that Tayler would be an excellent fit because of his grit and toughness. Was he not offered because the coaching staff knows something significant about Swanigan? I can't say. All I know is that:

1.       If Persons had been offered he would have accepted.

2.       Persons, from seeing him play for four years, had the right attitude and was very Kramer-esque, so the "fit" was right.

3.       He was not offered.

Take from that what you will.