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Friday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

Shock of shocks here, but Kentucky is interested.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Can we call calm down for a moment about Kentucky getting involved? They originally recruited him and even though there was this:

Jon Rothstein has apparently finally gotten to Tuesday of this week. It has not been a secret at all that Kentucky has been wanting him. They originally recruited him, have had the open space, and were reportedly interested as far back as Monday. The national media is not exactly breaking anything here. It is as accurate as this:

What about Indiana?

Just about the only other thing of any substance to report this morning is that Indiana suddenly has two open spots after Tom Crean kicked off Devin Davis and Hanner Perea. Now it would be a major shock if Swanigan landed in Bloomington, mostly because Indiana was never even on the radar even before he went to Michigan State. The Hoosiers are desperate for size now, however, as they have Thomas Bryant and... that's it as far as a big man.

What does Kentucky say?

A Sea of Blue has a great breakdown of why it did not work out for them for almost their whole class:

Swanigan has been committed to Tom Izzo and Michigan State for a few weeks. Sparty is coming off of a Final Four appearance and will be a top 15 team next season. One cannot argue Izzo's reputation, tournament success, and ability to turn players into pros, but that didn't stop Swanigan for pulling the plug. So why the Boilermakers? No one really knows and I cannot begin to really guess. Kentucky is in the mix for him as is California. Nothing official has been stated but there are a lot of "experts" picking the Boilermakers. Another strange turn in a strange season of recruiting.