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Thursday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

The biggest update here is a more in depth look at the Cal scholarship situation.

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So the Caleb Swanigan situation is a week a old and we know just about as much as we did last week at this time. It was a week ago tonight when Dan Dakich said that Swanigan to Purdue was "done" It is pretty clear that he is now trolling Purdue, because he has flipped:

And now flopped back:

So again, we know nothing.

Cal scholarship situation

With Cal as our consensus top competition their scholarship situation is allegedly the biggest holdup. So what is it? Let's ask Cal Golden Blogs:

Currently if we count all commits from the 2015 Cal recruiting class (including the still unsigned Davon Dillard, waiting for issues with the NCAA Clearinghouse to be resolved), the Bears are filled up. Here are our scholarship players

  • Point guards:Tyrone Wallace, Sam Singer, Brandon Chauca
  • Shooting guards: Jordan Mathews, Jabari Bird, Stephen Domingo,Tyson Jolly
  • Small forwards:Jaylen Brown, Davon Dillard, Roger Moute a Bidias
  • Power forwards:Ivan Rabb
  • Centers: Kameron Rooks, Kingsley Okoroh

That's 13, which is all the spots that Cal can have for next season.

I find it very interesting that Dillard is not officially signed yet, either. I thought he had already submitted an LOI. As some of you know, I once worked as a temp in the NCAA eligibility center here in Indianapolis. It was from August 2007 until March 2009, and I learned a few things about the eligibility process. If a player, like Dillard, has multiple high schools in his career, it can take some time for complete transcripts to come in and be evaluated. Since those transcripts come from all four years of HS and they have to have the approved proper core courses, there can also be issues if a specific course counts as a "core" course.

If a player is one course short that is where a prep school year can come in. They can add one course in the post-grad prep year before the eligibility clock starts. That means if Dillard is just one course short he could theoretically go the prep route, re-classify for 2016, and be fine for Cal's situation. If he needs more than one course it is likely the JuCo route.

I have no inside knowledge of his situation, and even if I did, I couldn't release it (At the time I did assist in making sure two notable Purdue players, one for football and one for basketball, were eligible). I do question if it will be resolved by next Wednesday's LOI deadline.

More on Kentucky

It looks like Kentucky is now losing further steam:

John Calipari has Caleb Swanigan in his sights, but Kentucky appears unlikely to land the uncommitted five-star center, according to a report.

Thank you for saying what we have been saying for three days. Very timely, Bleacher Report.

Cal Scout Site

The Cal site has some perspective on how long this could go on:

I had the opportunity to speak with Roosevelt Barnes, Swanigan's father, this weekend, and not many clues were given, but the only thing that was entirely clear from the conversation is that a final decision isn't made.

With this recruitment, the unexpected is to be expected, so anyone stating it is a done deal or they know what is going on is probably getting a bit shall we say "aggressive" with the reality of the situation."

CaliforniaPurdue and to an extent Michigan State remain in the mix, and who knows, others might be calling as well. The reasons he didn't choose California and Purdue remain in place, however, so there are more questions than answers at the moment because no one expects him to go back to Michigan State.

In terms of a decision, in theory it has to happen before June when he would enroll, but it's also possible Swanigan could enroll for the second summer session which would be closer to July.

For all parties involved I hope it does not go into July. With so much team building that goes on during the summer Swanigan is only hurting himself if he holds out that long.

The most accurate Tweet during this whole thing:

Come to think of it, we could use a left tackle...