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Wednesday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

As we keep waiting (and waiting) we examine everything.

"Caleb! I said get over here!"
"Caleb! I said get over here!"
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

If you're reading this it means I did not get to publish the Caleb Swanigan commits post I have been saving in the editorial queue. I have had it ready to go at a moment's notice, but it is aging like a fine wine in the cellar, maybe never to be brought out.

As usual, most of the news is speculation at this point, but there are some new links and such:

California Golden Blogs

It seems like Cal is our main competition and possibly the destination for Swanigan if their Rivals writer is to be believed. Cal Golden Blogs, who has been very gracious and friendly during this time, has a breakdown of how Swanigan would fit under Cuonzo Martin:

Still, Swanigan is probably the stronger of the two, so he'd be a huge force attacking the boards and making things happen the paint. It would be ideal if Martin could convince him to spend some time in the box when both him and Rabb are on the floor, or at the very least split responsibilities if Cal. Rabb can bang as well but it makes more sense for the stronger low post presence to get near the rim. Then you can play Kingsley Okoroh and/or Kameron Rooks with Swanigan when Rabb goes to the bench and give Cal a lot of space.

Ivan Rabb is 6'11", so slightly smaller than Hammons, but not exactly Tyrion Lannister at center.

Brian Snow -

He is not quite Jon Snow, but he reminds us that we know nothing:

Well, the internet has said he is going to Cal and Purdue. We also know that Duke and Kentucky can always sweep in.

Lindsay Brauner - Cal Rivals

Again, not a surprise here, but this still does not solve their scholarship situation. Unless Cuonzo is going to Crean a guy there is not room.

Final Four U Blog

This is a Michigan State blog I have never heard of before, so take that for what it is, but they have theories on why he left Michigan State:

According to our source that main reason he de-committed is that he did not want to come up to East Lansing this summer. He wanted to report in August right before their trip to Italy. Caleb really wants to spend time in Indiana with his friends, etc. and travel a little as well. It is known that Izzo highly prefers that his players after their month off, come up to East Lansing and prepare for the season, just ask Gavin Schilling. Caleb does have that "One and Done" mentality and that "I expect to be the big man on campus" but that does not make him a bad guy. That just makes him a teenage basketball recruit in the year 2015 that many schools would kill (like Purdue) to have on their team. No one is going to change the way Tom Izzo recruits and one thing is for sure, Izzo never 100% promises any recruit unlimited playing time and Izzo wants "gym rats" players and live, eat, and breathe basketball.

I doubt coach Painter is going to let him goof off all summer, either.

Your "Completely out of left field" Theory:

Puff. Puff. Give.