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Caleb Swanigan Tuesday Update: Waiting For Cal Per "Sources"

Is there finally some movement here?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Again, we're NOT REPORTING ANYTHING AS OFFICIAL, but there is some movement here according to the Rivals writer for Cal:

Other people believe her:

Again, this is nothing official, but Lindsay Brauner is essentially working for the Cal equivalent of GBI. that makes her far more credible than most.  Of course, one of the many, many rumors out there came from GBI saying that a decommitment from MSU and commitment to Purdue was all going to happen at once, but Swanigan & Co. "Lost control of the message" (whatever the hell that means).

At this point we're all tired of guessing. Just announce, sign an LOI, and let's all move on, shall we? We do know that Cal's scholarship lineup is full, but Davon Dillard could be on the fence academically. That would open up a spot.

Finally, for those wondering, the deadline to sign an LOI is May 20, so we could be in for eight more days, or even longer. Swanigan could wait to show up and sign scholarship papers on the first day he can go to summer classes, which is June 12.