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Purdue vs. Pitt in the B1G/ACC Challenge

According to the good folks at GBI Purdue will travel to Pitt next season as part of the annual challenge.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to the folks who know these things on Twitter (read as Gold and Black), Purdue will travel to face Pittsburgh in the upcoming B1G/ACC Challenge.

This sets up a matchup with the always disappointing in March Jamie Dixon led Panthers. Pitt ended last season 19-15 (8-10) for a rather disappointing season. This landed them in a three way tie for 9th place with Clemson and Florida State. This isn't exactly the marquee matchup Purdue fans were hoping for given the way the season ended but it should be an interesting matchup regardless.

These matchups are always a bit of a tossup since ESPN controls the choices. In the past they have tried to set up intriguing matchups that place teams together based on expected finish next season. I'm not sure if this means they aren't sold on Purdue or if they think Pitt will do better than last season. Either way Purdue's non-conference season should offer enough challenges that they won't face a problem with strength of schedule like they did this past season.