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Monday Caleb Swanigan Recruiting Update

Is no news good news? We had better hope so.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So we're doing this again. Yes, this will become a daily thing, mostly for two reasons:

1.       To see if anyone knows anything

2.       It causes the page views to spin like an odometer, so yes, I am a whore for page hits.

In tonight's update we have an actual tweet from Caleb himself:

Looks like we have our first chink in the armor. Anyone who pays even remote attention to Kanye West, one of the most useless individuals in human history, is a concern. Seriously though, it is nice to see that he is still just being a kid. It is clear that this announcement is coming on his time and his terms. As for what others had to say:

Spartan Avenue

Did Tom Izzo not hold up his end of the bargain? That might be the case according to some rumors:

It seems like Swanigan knew he would get a lot of playing time, otherwise he wouldn't have committed in the first place, but now we hear about a personal chef and separate living quarters not being honored by Izzo?

Uh, okay? This seems unlikely, but you all know how rumors start.

California Golden Blogs

The biggest thing holding back Cal is their scholarship situation. Purdue has one open, but Cal has none... for now:

So the only way that there's an opening is if the NCAA does not resolve the issues with Dillard's school. If that happens, then Dillard might be forced to take the junior college route before paving his path to Cal. We can't know for sure until Dillard's letter of intent gets faxed in, but that is a scenario in play.

With Dillard up in the air (and that may be why Purdue soured on him) that would give Cal space.

Wildcat Nation

It seems like another Cal could be in the mix: John Calipari:

But if Swanigan does decide to defy the odds and come to Lexington, what would it mean for the ‘Cats? Well, a lot actually. Considering the ‘Cats are short-handed in the front court, Swanigan could prove crucial for Wildcat success next season.

Excuse me while I weep for how awful it has been to recruit at Kentucky this year.

Lafayette Journal & Courier

Like almost everyone out there, they know the truth: No one knows what the hell is going on:

My conversations with sources have not indicated that Swanigan is expected to visit Purdue today, or at all. However, there's also no reason to think he won't at some point. Basically, Purdue is staying in touch, but the next move is Swanigan's to make.

So, we keep waiting.