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Michigan State vs. Duke, Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Final Four 2015 Open Thread

Will the NCAA Championship game be emB1Ggened?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Final Four is here, approximately four miles form my home on the east side of Indianapolis. I will still be viewing from home with you good people because I am sure the 150,000 to 200,000 people in downtown Indy don't need me to contribute to the traffic and congestion. With a couple of Big Ten teams (and three of Purdue's losses) playing we have an interesting perspective.

Michigan State vs. Duke

Duke already beat Michigan State quite easily this season, but Izzo should never be counted out when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. I expect Duke to win, but it won't be easy.

Wisconsin vs. Kentucky

As fun as Wisconsin can be to watch, I am really tired of the "They never foul" rhetoric.They fouled, but are rarely called for it. I kind of want Kentucky to win just to see history and because it would pee on the IU parade after they got their latest one-and-done that they will celebrate after a first weekend NCAA exit.