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Purdue Starts Day of Giving

Purdue University wants your money!

Today is the day you've probably been receiving emails about for months. Today is Purdue's Day of Giving. Today is the day that Purdue makes a huge push for donations. These donations can go to any part of the University, including the John Purdue Club. The JPC renewal deadline is tomorrow so this is a nice time to complete your annual renewal if you're one of those who haven't yet completed it. I was one of those people. I purposely waited for today to renew my membership because I wanted to be included in the Day of Giving. So, why give to Purdue?

I can't, and won't, pretend to know your financial situation or circumstance. I can only speak of myself and those like me who have the opportunity to give something back. Purdue was a huge part of my life. It's the time in my life I look back on most fondly. It was the time in my life I met my wife. We got married in Lafayette and had the reception at the Purdue Memorial Union. Purdue was, and remains, a huge part of my life. Even though I find myself on the East Coast these days I still long to return to Purdue. I long to hear Hail Purdue played by the All-American Marching Band. I long to see Mackey Arena packed to the brim during a thrilling basketball game. I long to head to Ross-Ade and watch a football game. Though I find myself lucky enough to return on occasion it isn't as often as I would like.

You don't have to give to athletics. You can give to any school or organization you want to. There are some out there who have a problem with donating to athletics due to any number of issues. Some people find fault with Morgan Burke's leadership and won't donate until he's gone. Some people find the idea of donating to athletics when the University itself needs funds distasteful. Some even just think athletics gets enough of their money so they won't donate. I get all of those arguments. If that's the case find a program that's near and dear to your heart. I'm sure they could use your support. If you can donate I would encourage you to do so. Even if you can't donate cash you can spread the word on social media to help others donate. We all are here because we love Purdue, if you can find it in your heart, and your wallet, I'd invite you to take a look today.