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Governor's Cupdate: Purdue Needs Strong Finish

It is a good thing we have golf.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

With four events left to be decided in the Indiana-Purdue Governor's Cup the Hoosiers hold a 9-6 lead, meaning Purdue must be perfect if it is going to retain the Cup for a second straight season. This week the softball teams split a rain-rescheduled dobuleheader in Bloomington, earning a half point for each school. Indiana won game one 6-3, but Puurdue struck back with a 4-3 win in game 2.

The four events to be decided could be in Purdue's favor, however. This weekend are the men's and women's Big Ten golf championships, worth a full point each to the highest finishing team. After Friday's first round Purdue was in fourth place for each gender. Indiana was in 10th place for both genders, so Purdue should be able to pick up two points there.

That leaves the men's and women's outdoor track & field championships on May 15-17. In the indoor season Purdue won the women's points, but lost the men's point. We did not run Raheem Mostert, however, who could run in the outdoor season.