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Jon Octeus Eliminated in Slam Dunk Contest First Round

It wasn't a great night, but we have another excuse to see Jon Octeus in a Boilermaker uniform.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue's Jon Octeus took part in the college dunk contest tonight at Hinkle Fieldhouse as part of the Final Four weekend in Indianapolis. It was a fitting coda as he got to represent the Boilers one more time after his one and only season in Indianapolis. It did not go well, but it was still good to see him one more time as a Purdue player.

Octeus struggled in round one, going for some ambitious dunks but not connecting. His score of 33 was not enough to be one of the top 4 dunkers to go on to the semifinals. Of that, two things:

1. It was probably harder to dunk with Collin Hartman not in the way.

2. Yet another excuse to show this:

The championship went to LaQuavius Cotton of Delta State (HAIL FIGHTIN' OKRA!!!).

We're proud of Jon, but come on, THE WINNER'S MASCOT IS A FIGHTING OKRA!!!!!