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Letters From Camp

I discovered a letter from an unnamed Purdue football player. Let's take a look.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

My dearest Bethany,

It has been far too long since I was last able to write you. Much has happened since my last letter. We are nearing the end of our camp experience. Things are progressing well and at a fast pace. The boys have all been very excited about our upcoming exhibition. The team was gelling well until earlier this week when the team was split down the middle by the draft.

This draft split holders and kickers and right guards from right tackles. There was no sympathy at all. Half the men were given gold jerseys and half given black. I've been put on the black team and can only associate with my teammates from here on out. It's an odd experience to see friend turned enemy, to see competitor turned ally, and to see leaders switching sides to coach the other fellows. Come Saturday this experience will all be over and I can return to you.

I do want to pass along some good news. A young fellow by the name of Jordan Jurasevich was granted full title and commission with us this week. Even during the darkest of times there are good things happening. The young man has been with us for three years and has seen his hard work rewarded this week. It was the last nice moment before our unit was ripped in half.

I wonder my Bethany if the unit can survive such hardship. Practice and drills are long and exhausting. We aren't the young men we used to be, but with that age comes experience.

The injured continue to watch us. Young Mr. Anthrop remains optimistic he will be able to join us after our return. We all continue to hope for his speedy return. Others unable to compete have similar hopes. The only positive is that it has given the younger fellows a chance to step up and contribute. Let's hope this isn't for naught.

It's lights out time Bethany. Just remember that I am thinking of you and look forward to our reunion this coming Saturday. Then this will be all over as we begin our months long furlow before returning to the hard work of preparing for our first battle. Until then, know that I think of you always and look forward to our reunion.

Your Dearest,


p.s. I hear that the general public is allowed to attend our exhibition this weekend. I would be so glad to look out and see your familiar face.